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 Waaaake uuuuup

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PostSubject: Waaaake uuuuup   9/12/2008, 10:00 am

The forums aren't active at all T_T I'm like the only one
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i m3l33d i

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PostSubject: Re: Waaaake uuuuup   9/12/2008, 2:24 pm

i check it like 3 times a day but nothing really goes on i miss ZS
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puress range

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PostSubject: Re: Waaaake uuuuup   9/12/2008, 3:34 pm

Damn kiraush... ur sig scares the crap out of me -.-
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Mod Mielad

Mod Mielad

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PostSubject: Re: Waaaake uuuuup   10/12/2008, 10:17 am

This should be in spam!
Anyways, there is nothing to post in forums are NOT active. Cause there is no Zarta but I trust Adnan will make it soon enough. ^_^
By the way, Kiraush did you get RSbot I have send you?
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PostSubject: Re: Waaaake uuuuup   

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Waaaake uuuuup
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