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 Hey mfas!

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PostSubject: Hey mfas!   Hey mfas! Icon_minitime17/1/2017, 10:43 am

Crazy how I still remember this server almost 10 years later. We weren't very big in terms of how many players we had. But we were a community. A pretty tight one at that. Anyways I hope you guys are well. I know everybody is grown now, working full time, paying bills. But we are all gamers at heart. If you have a ps4 add me on PS PLUS. Double0Kern. I play battlefield 1, cod 4 remastered, infinite warfare, mortal kombat xl, destiny every once in awhile. MLB the show and a couple others. Hit me up. If I remember right I think my old username was ErrDayIPk or something like that. I am also interested in what you guys have been up to. Like what yall do for a living, etc. I drive a big truck across the lower 48 in United States.
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Mod Zare
Mod Zare

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PostSubject: Re: Hey mfas!   Hey mfas! Icon_minitime5/3/2019, 12:44 pm

Hahah, I finally figured out my password. I just randomly thought out about it today and thought I should google it. It is crazy that it's still here. Brings me back damn! Hope you are all good! Leave a message

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Hey mfas!
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